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12V 100′ 1.5″MPT COLOR MICROBRITE LED LIGHT Manufacturer Part Number EC-620425

12V 100′ 1.5″MPT COLOR MICROBRITE LED LIGHT Manufacturer Part Number EC-620425

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The Most Compact, Brilliant Pool and Spa Wall Fitting LED Light Available! Give your pool the ultimate lighting upgrade. MicroBrite Color and White LED Lights provide exceptional brilliance, lighting uniformity and amazing colors. For new pool and spa designs, their compact size delivers the freedom to add dynamic lighting in places never before possible. Let your imagination take you to brighter places

Pentair 12v 14 watt 100′ Color MicroBrite LED return light for pool or spa.



1. Pull a fish tape through the conduit starting at the junction box side until the fish tape comes out of the return in the pool wall.

2. Tie the end of the MicroBrite power cord to the fish tape and wrap it with duct tape tightly

3. Pull the fish tape at the junction box until the MicroBrite is sitting flush in the wall return.

4. Cut excess cord accordingly and wire up per manufacturers specifications.



Brilliant LED excitement in a small package.

The brightest ultra-compact LED light that works in water as shallow as 4 inches!

MicroBrite’s Premium LED illumination mixed with vibrant colors are packed into a small 3 1/2″ housing that easily fits into an 1 1/2″ pool return!!

Long lasting 10X the life of incandescent light
Versatile upgrade for fiber-optic lighting Suitable for retrofit into many pools with older fiber-optic systems

Efficient, brilliant light MicroBrite LEDs are energy-saving Ecoselect certified lights, which equals to money being saved on your energy bill!

No light niche required.

Great colors Syncs with Pentair GloBrite® and IntelliBrite® 5G fixed colors and color shows. Which can all be controlled by any Pentair automation system such as Screenlogic or IntelliBrite Controllers.

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