Chlorinating Concentrate: Your Solution for a Clean Hot Tub

Written by: Zach Riggs



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Life is a series of moments; some of the best moments you can spend are soaking in your hot tub. Whether it's in the morning or the evening, alone enjoying the solitude of the outdoors or with family members discussing the meaning of life, you want your spa hot, ready, crystal clear, sparkling, healthy water.

It's essential to add the right chemicals at the right time and in the correct dosage to ensure that your hot tub is ready when you are.

Even more importantly, you want a healthy hot tub to soak away your cares and enjoy the massaging jets. For this to happen, you must kill the bacteria in your hot tub.

This is one of the keys to spa maintenance. In this article, we look at why sanitizer is essential, and we share a product feature on SpaGuard Chlorinating Concentrate. Look at algae to understand the importance of Chlorinating Concentrate.

Why Do Hot Tubs Grow Algae?

Anytime you have a warm water environment, the conditions are ripe for the growth of bacteria that turn into algae. You may find algae present in your hot tub for several reasons:

  • The warm water
  •  You don't have enough sanitization chemicals in your hot tub
  •  The pH levels are out of balance
  •  Sunlight – the sun can make algae grow very quickly

An uncovered hot tub – this can also cause algae growth because the sun is shining down on the water

What Does Algae in a Hot Tub Look Like?

First, the alga is a plant. Not only is it ugly, but it is very unhealthy. If you have algae in your hot tub, you may notice it comes in a variety of colors:

  • Green

  • Yellow

  • Black

  • White

You may notice that your water is incredibly cloudy or even greenish. Unfortunately, you might see the shell of your hot tub feels slimy and slippery.

How to Keep Algae Out of Your Hot Tub

Because warm water is conducive to algae growth, it's essential to prioritize sanitization. You want a healthy, clean spa for your hot tubbers.

You may be familiar with how pools grow algae. It's similar to how it grows in your hot tub, except that algae grow much faster because a spa is a warm water environment.

Your chemicals are generally used up faster than in swimming pools. What does this mean for you? It means you must stay on top of your water testing and frequently add chemicals. By maintaining sanitizer levels, you can avoid algae growth. This is where Chlorinating Concentrate comes in.

What is Chlorinating Concentrate?

If a hot tub is sanitized, maintained, and cleaned properly, generally, algae will not grow. So, if you use Chlorinating Concentrate, you can expect to have a properly sanitized, clean, and healthy hot tub.

If some algae grow, you can treat any minor problems by adjusting your pH levels to balance your water. Then, you shock your hot tub with sanitizer.

It is a granular chlorine that acts quickly in your hot tub and dissolves quickly. You'll find that it's super easy to use, and you don't need to pre-dissolve it. Simply add it to your hot tub water, sanitizing your spa. In addition, it acts as an oxidizer, so you only need one product, Chlorinating Concentrate. You want to add it to your hot tub water while the pump is running so it dissolves in the water.

Once you've added the product, your hot tub water is immediately disinfected. You can use Chlorinating Concentrate for pre-treatment, regular maintenance, or superchlorination. You should do this nightly if your spa sees heavy usage or once a week if you use your every other day or so.

Final Tips on SpaGuard Chlorinating Concentrate

This is an integral maintenance product for your hot tub. It kills germs on contact and keeps your hot tub water clean, clear, and healthy. With SpaGuard Chlorinating Concentrate, you won't have to worry about bacteria, algae, and viruses. It's the answer for the things that breed in warm water.

Remember to balance your hot tub water, too, but remember that sanitization with SpaGuard Chlorinating Concentrate is the most important thing you can do. It's the only way to keep germs, bacteria, and algae away from hot tub soakers.

"If you use Chlorinating Concentrate, you can expect to have a properly sanitized, clean, and healthy hot tub."

You also want to test your water twice a week. Chlorine is the most potent sanitizer you can add to your hot tub. It must be added regularly because it dissipates from your water over time. Over a few days, your chlorine can evaporate or become inactive, leaving your spa open to bacteria and algae.

Not only does SpaGuard Chlorinating Concentrate work in regular doses regularly as a sanitizer, but you can also use it in shock doses as an oxidizer after heavy bather loads. It's also worth noting that because Chlorinating Concentrate is pH neutral, you don't have to worry about balancing your water again if it's already balanced.

Are you ready for healthy, great-looking water that is ready for you when you need to relax, de-stress, and massage aching muscles and joints?

Use Chlorinating Concentrate regularly, clean and replace your filters regularly, test your water, and maintain it. By staying on top of your water's sanitation with Chlorinating Concentrate, you can prevent issues and always have a hot tub that's crystal clear and ready for you to slip into.

You've come to the right place if you want quality spa chemicals shipped to your door. At Pool Goods, we are here for you to help you make every day better in your hot tub with the best hot tub chemicals and spa products!