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Aladdin Universal Light Ring, Plastic | 500P

Aladdin Universal Light Ring, Plastic | 500P

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Adaptable light rings will fit any metal or hand formed niche from 9-3/4” to 12” solving the problem of trying to repair an obsolete light, or trying to reconstruct a niche to fit astandard light. The unique feature of these light rings is that they can be installed in a few minutes and accept a standard light. Simply remove the old light, insert the adaptable light ring, tighten the retaining screws, and install the new light. It’s that easy. The adaptable light rings are part of our consolidation program. Instead ofstocking hundreds of light parts to cover the multitude of possible replacement applications in the field, the adaptable light ring allows you to stock a few of the most popular replacement lights. As part of our consolidation program, our 500P model adapts to same lights that fit all 500, 500B, 500C models. Constructed from rugged ABS (plastic) for durability that offers the added benefit of light weight for easy handling and shipping. The unique design features a ground strap molded into the casing.
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