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Baquacil Universal Filter Cleaner | 84384

Baquacil Universal Filter Cleaner | 84384

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Baquacil Universal Filter Cleaner  is great at cleaning all types of pool filters. This Hydrochloric Acid cleaner works great on debris, scale, oils and organic waste.


Cartridge and D.E. Filters:

1.) In a clean plastic container big enough to hold your
filter(s) pour 1/2 gallon of Baquacil Universal Filter Clean per 5 gallons of water.

2.) Add the cartridges to this solution for 24 hours to have the best results. Once the time expires please rinse off the cartridges thoroughly before replacing the elements back into the housing.

Sand Filter:

1.Backwash and rinse the filter

1. Shut the pump off and remove water from pump basket by removing the plugs at the bottom of the pump. Please reinstall the plugs once the pump basket is empty and pour in 1/2 gallon of this
product into the pump basket.

2. Turn pump on in the backwash setting. When water appears in the backwash sight glass or from air release valve, turn off pump.

3. Let product soak in filter overnight. After soaking backwash filter thoroughly. Once done backwashing thoroughly please shut the pump off and rinse the pool lines. Once done rinsing please put the filter back on "filter"

***If any of this product gets on the ground in the surrounding areas please use Alkalinity increaser to neutralize.***


Cartridge Filters and D.E. Filters:

1/2 gallon per cleaning

Sand Filters:

1/2 gallon per backwash cycle.


Hydrochloric Acid

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