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Brominating Tablets | 42608BIO

Brominating Tablets | 42608BIO

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SpaGuard Brominating Tablets offer a unique organic brominating compound in time-release tablet form to simplify spa sanitation for commercial spas and spas with large user bases. Like all acid-based spa products, these tablets lower pH levels, so ongoing monitoring is critical for achieving and maintaining proper spa health. Best used in conjunction with a brominator and SpaGuard Floating Dispenser

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  1. When using other products alongside this one, it's important to always follow the specific directions provided for those products. This ensures optimal results and safe usage.
  2. Fill the spa bromine feeder with this product and adjust the feeder according to the manufacturer's instructions. This will help maintain a bromine residual of 2-4 ppm in residential spas or 4-6 ppm in commercial spas, ensuring a clean and safe environment.
  3. Regularly check the feeder to ensure the bromine residual is maintained. If necessary, add more of this product to achieve the desired level.
  4. It's recommended to run the pump and filter for at least 3 hours every day, regardless of whether the spa is being used or not. This promotes proper circulation and filtration, keeping the water fresh and clean.
  5. Avoid heating the water above the maximum temperature recommended by the spa manufacturer. This helps maintain the integrity of the spa and ensures a comfortable and safe experience.
  6. Keep your spa free from leaves and debris by regularly cleaning and maintaining the area surrounding it. This helps prevent clogging and ensures the water remains clear and inviting.
  7. To maintain clear and clean water, as well as optimize the performance of your spa chemicals, it's advisable to drain and refill the spa with fresh water every 60 days for residential spas, or at least every 7 days for commercial spas.


It is recommended to drain and clean your spa at least every 60 days, or whenever you notice difficulties in managing or maintaining clear water.


5-Dimethylhydantoin: 96%
Other Ingredients: 4%

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