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Caldera filter cartridge 73722 for Utopia Series Models

Caldera filter cartridge 73722 for Utopia Series Models

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This heavy-duty polyester Caldera filter cartridge 73722 is designed with 300 pleats for maximum filtration. Made in the USA. Compatible with
  • Cantaboria (2014-current)
  • Elation (2009-2010)
  • Florence (2018-current)
  • Geneva (2005-current)
  • Niagra (2005-current) Utopia Series models



1. Remove filter cap or filter basket that is locking the old filter in place

2. Remove the old filter by unscrewing or pulling up

3. Install new filter and lock into place


Filtration Sq Ft: 100
Outer Diameter: 8″
Length: 16-1/2″
Top: Semi-Circular Handle
Bottom: Open with Lip Seal

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