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Enhanced Shock | 42622BIO

Enhanced Shock | 42622BIO

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SpaGuard's Enhanced Shock offers spa owners a powerful and effective shock treatment to eradicate contaminants that accumulate during use. It contains oxidizers to break down and remove organic substances and their smells, plus a clarifier to assist the filtration system in identifying and eliminating particles that remain. Enhanced Shock is suitable for chlorine, bromine, ozone, and ionization sanitizing systems, in addition to having a pH-buffering component to avoid fluctuations in the delicate pH balance of the spa.


  1. Apply product at a rate of 3 tablespoons per 500 gallons with the spa not occupied with patrons.
  2. With pump in operation, apply the entire treatment dosage at one time.
  3. Broadcast across waters surface
  4. Apply directly to spa water only.


Add 3 tbsp per 500 gallons of water per week.


Sodium Dichloro-s-Triazinetrione: 58,2%
Other Ingredients: 41.8%

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