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Frog Mineral Replacement Cartridges | 01-14-3280

Frog Mineral Replacement Cartridges | 01-14-3280

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Frog Spa Mineral Cartridge is a convenient, replaceable cartridge for those using the Spa Frog System, allowing for the introduction of water softening minerals without the requirement of regular chemical additives. Through softening the water, this product offers a bathing experience that is gentler on the skin and eyes compared to traditional chlorine-based systems. Intended for use with Spa Frog floating or inline systems, this cartridge simplifies spa maintenance.


For use in spas up to 600 gallons

  1. Use this Spa Frog Mineral Cartridge with the Spa Frog Bromine Cartridge in either the In-line System or Floating System.
  2. Ensure all spa equipment is working properly.
  3. The pump and filter should be operated at least 3 hours per day
  4. Clean filter following manufacturers directions.
  5. Adjust pH to between 7.2-7.8.
  6. With a freshly filled spa, establish a bromine or chlorine residual of 1-2 ppm with an EPA approved spa shock or by other means.
  7. Always maintain a bromine residual of at least 1 ppm.
  8. Shock spa once a week or as needed.
  9. When using other product as outline in directions for this product, always follow directions for those products.
  10. Keep the spa free of leaves and debris.

Setting Spa Frog Mineral Cartridge:

  1. While holding the bottom of the cartridge, turn the top until the number 6 appears in the setting window.
  2. This cartridge may be used in one of the following applications.

Using the In-Line System:

  1. Open cap of In-Line System.
  2. Push down and turn cartridge holder counter-clockwise to unlock.
  3. Pull holder out.
  4. Snap the Spa Frog Mineral Cartridge into the area marked “Minerals” (top portion) making sure to line up the indentation near the top of the cartridge with the raised line on the holder.
  5. For best results insert Spa Frog Bromine Cartridge in the area marked “Bromine” (bottom portion).
  6. When cartridges are snapped in, replace holder by lining up arrow on handle with arrow on system lip, push down and lock in place.
  7. Replace cap.

Using the Floating System:

  1. Push the Spa Frog Mineral Cartridge into the bottom opening of the Spa Frog Floating System.
  2. For best results insert the Spa Frog Bromine Cartridge into the other opening.
  3. Set entire system in the spa water.


Replace every 4 months.

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