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Hayward 2" Threaded Wall Skimmer w/ Square Lid, Dark Gray | SP1082DGR

Hayward 2" Threaded Wall Skimmer w/ Square Lid, Dark Gray | SP1082DGR

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Designed for large-capacity commercial and residential applications, SkimMaster Series skimmers boast one of the highest flow ratings in the industry at 75 GPM. They feature threaded internal connections for pressure testing, an optional float/bypass valve and an automatic safety bypass for low water conditions. Model SP1072S2 also includes PVC ports, which greatly reduce installation time., Auto-Skim features include an adjustable cover collar for round or square skimmer lids, snap-in weir assembly, large capacity basket, integral flow control slide plate and a choice of port sizes for plumbing versatility., The float valve and equalizer kits provide maximum flexibility for all swimming pool applications. Any SkimMaster Series or Auto-Skim model with a square cover can be adapted to meet NSF commercial requirements by adding the appropriate float valve and equalizer kit in conjunction with the NSF listed cover.SkimMaster
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