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Hayward AC Relay Kit | AQL-RELAY-AC-KT

Hayward AC Relay Kit | AQL-RELAY-AC-KT

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The aql-relay-ac-kt is an optional ac relay kit for use with pro logic or aqua logic p-4 and ps-4 models. Ps-4: up to two aql-relay-ac-kts can be used with ps-4 models. When used with a ps-4, the pro logic/aqua logic’s valve3 (and/or valve4) Will not control vales directly. Instead, the output is used to operate the ac relay which provides an on/off output capable of handling up to 3hp at 240vac. The valve 3/4 output can be configured for manual on/off, countdown timer, timeclock, solar, in-floor cleaner, group or super chlorinate. Depending on the programmed function, the valve3 and/or valve4 buttons on the local display can be used.
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