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Salt Scapes Cell Cleaner

Salt Scapes Cell Cleaner

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Discover the remarkable cleaning power of Salt Scapes Cell Cleaner, a must-have solution for maintaining your salt chlorinator cell. This exceptional product offers an effortless and effective way to remove scale buildup and prolong the life of your cell, ensuring optimal performance of your saltwater pool. With Salt Scapes Cell Cleaner, you can effortlessly keep your pool crystal clear and enjoy a refreshing swimming experience.

Experience the convenience and reliability of Salt Scapes Cell Cleaner as it effortlessly removes calcium and scale deposits from your salt chlorinator cell. This powerful formula is specifically designed to break down and dissolve buildup, restoring your cell's efficiency and extending its lifespan. By using Salt Scapes Cell Cleaner, you can easily maintain the performance of your saltwater pool and spend more time enjoying its pristine beauty. 


Please follow these steps, referring to your cell manufacturer's directions for specific cleaning instructions:

  1. Turn off the circulation system and carefully remove the cell according to the manufacturer's guidelines.
  2. Cap one end of the cell with a watertight cap and place it, cap side down, into a clean 5-gallon plastic bucket.
  3. Fill the cell with the recommended amount of Cell Cleaner. Please note that any excess product can be poured into the deepest end of the pool.
  4. Allow the cell to soak for 15-30 minutes, ensuring the cleaner thoroughly cleans the cell. Afterward, pour the cell contents into the deepest end of the pool.
  5. Rinse the cell using a garden hose, ensuring all residue is removed. Once rinsed, reinstall the cell and restart the circulation system.
  6. Finally, rinse any spilled solution from the bucket and surrounding surfaces, ensuring no residual cleaner is left behind.
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