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Sidearm Assembly for Cover Cradle2 -72573

Sidearm Assembly for Cover Cradle2 -72573

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Experience the exceptional functionality of the Sidearm Assembly for CoverCradle, a crucial component that enhances the performance and convenience of your CoverCradle system. This remarkable product offers a reliable and effortless solution for effortlessly operating your hot tub cover, providing you with easy access and optimal protection. With the Sidearm Assembly for CoverCradle, you can elevate your hot tub experience and enjoy the convenience of hassle-free cover handling.

The Sidearm Assembly for CoverCradle is meticulously designed to ensure seamless operation and longevity. With its durable construction and precision engineering, this assembly guarantees reliable performance and long-lasting durability. By incorporating the Sidearm Assembly into your CoverCradle system, you can effortlessly lift and position your hot tub cover with minimal effort. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual cover handling and embrace the ease and convenience of the Sidearm Assembly for CoverCradle, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your hot tub and less time wrestling with the cover. Upgrade your hot tub experience today with this essential accessory.

What's In The Box

1 Sidearm without the hardware

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