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Skimlite Super Duty 8' - 16' Telescopic Locking Pool Pole | 5008

Skimlite Super Duty 8' - 16' Telescopic Locking Pool Pole | 5008

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In 1959 the 5008 was created and was the first telescopic pole ever made for the pool industry. Customers love the simplicity of this external locking pole and its heavy wall tubing. Our 5009 with its internal lock uses the same tubing for its great strength. Both style poles are among the pool industry favorites, it just a matter of preference on external or internal locking assemblies. Today we have eight poles in the 5000 Series family to choose from. Check out the Dually Series if you want the power of both locks. The Outside Lock has been an industry favorite since 1959 and is made of the strongest plastics ever made. The nylon male fitting is pressed onto the outside tube with a ton of pressure, so it won’t fall off. The female and ferrule fittings are easily replaced when worn. Skimlite takes pride in manufacturing high end service and commercial poles that will hold up to everyday use and can be depended on in even the most demanding applications. We understand that when it comes to cleaning a pool a pole is one of the most important tools for any professional. Not only is a pole one of the most important tools, but we also understand the importance of a dependable pole that fits individual and specific needs.
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