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Spa Phosphate Remover | 42658BIO

Spa Phosphate Remover | 42658BIO

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Maintain the optimal condition of your spa or hot tub with SpaGuard Phosphate Remover. This powerful liquid formula is specially designed to rapidly reduce high levels of phosphates, effectively protecting your equipment from the formation of calcium phosphate scale build-ups. Incorporating the Phosphate Remover into your weekly maintenance routine ensures a clean and well-maintained spa or hot tub environment. While suitable for most pool systems, it is particularly ideal for use in saltwater spa systems, delivering outstanding results.

Experience the benefits of SpaGuard Phosphate Remover as it swiftly tackles phosphates and safeguards your spa or hot tub equipment. With its easy-to-use liquid formula, you can effortlessly incorporate it into your regular maintenance routine, ensuring long-lasting performance and preventing scale build-ups. Whether you have a traditional spa system or a saltwater setup, SpaGuard Phosphate Remover is your reliable solution for maintaining a clean and efficient spa or hot tub environment.


  1. Add 1 fl oz of SpaGuard Phosphate Remover weekly to 500 gallons of spa or hot tub water to keep phosphates low.
  2. For high phosphate levels of 1,000 ppb or higher, add 3 fl oz and test for phosphate levels the following day. Recommended phosphate levels in a spa or hot tub are below 125 ppb.
  3. Follow immediately with SpaGuard Water Clarifier, per label directions, and run the filter for two hours.
  4. Clean cartridge after treatment is complete.

Note: Spa Phosphate Remover may cause water to become cloudy. This is normal and a sign that the product is working. To clear the water quickly, use SpaGuard Water Clarifier, per label directions, with the filter running. Cleaning or rinsing the filter may be necessary to help clear the water.


1 fl oz treats up to 500 gallons

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