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Spa Start up Kit Chlorine

Spa Start up Kit Chlorine

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Get your spa back to a balanced and comfortable state with the Spa Start-up Kit Chlorine. Designed for use after a drain and refill, this kit contains all the essential chemicals needed to restore your water's balance. With clear instructions included, you'll know exactly how to use each chemical and the correct amounts required for water balancing.

Take the guesswork out of spa maintenance with the Spa Start-up Kit Chlorine. With these carefully selected chemicals, you can confidently restore your spa's water balance and enjoy a clean and refreshing spa experience.

What's In The Box

Spa Sentry (1qt)
Spa Shock-Oxidizer (2lbs)
Total Alkalinity Increaser (2lbs)
Chlorinating Concentrate (2lbs)
pH Increaser (18oz)
Stain & Scale Control (1 Pint)
Freshwater Mineral Spa Sanitizer (Ion Stick)

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