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Total Alkalinity Increaser | 42630BIO

Total Alkalinity Increaser | 42630BIO

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Maintain the perfect balance in your spa with SpaGuard's Total Alkalinity Increaser. This essential treatment offers spa owners a simple and effective solution to combat low spa alkalinity. Ignoring alkalinity issues can lead to corrosive damage, compromised sanitizer effectiveness, and discomforts like skin and eye irritation.

The formula of this alkalinity increaser effectively reverses these effects while stabilizing your spa's pH level, preventing pH bounce that can be a headache for spa owners. Say goodbye to constant maintenance and enjoy your spa more once you apply this treatment.

SpaGuard's Total Alkalinity Increaser ensures that your spa water remains in optimal condition, safeguarding against potential damage and enhancing your overall spa experience. Don't let low alkalinity disrupt your relaxation—trust SpaGuard's Total Alkalinity Increaser to bring your spa's chemistry back into harmony.

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With the pump running at high speed, pour the required amount directly into spa water and continue running the pump for 30 minutes.


1 tbsp per 100 gallons of water to raise alkalinity 25 ppm.


Sodium hydrogen carbonate

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