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Hot Spring

Tri-X Filters

Tri-X Filters

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Introducing the revolutionary Tri-X filter, a game-changer in spa filtration technology. Unlike traditional filters that rely solely on the surface area of paper media, the Tri-X filter introduces a third dimension: depth. By utilizing the depth of the filter media, it surpasses standard filters by providing unparalleled performance.

The Tri-X filter's unique design enables it to catch particulates not just on the surface but also within its depth. This three-dimensional filtration approach allows the Tri-X filter to process 10x more gallons per square foot compared to other filters on the market. With a generous filtration area of 65 square feet, the Tri-X filter outshines standard filters that offer only 30 square feet of filtration area.

Durability is another standout feature of the Tri-X filter. Crafted to last for a minimum of 5 years, this filter ensures long-term savings and peace of mind. Say goodbye to frequent filter replacements and hello to extended filter life.

Compatible with various spa models, including the #71825 Hot Spring Filter, Hot Spot Round & Square 1998+ #31489, Grandee, Highlife, Classic 1990+, Sovereign 1991+, Prodigy 1990+, Jetsetter 1990+, Landmark, and Summit, the Tri-X filter is versatile and suitable for a wide range of spas.

Experience superior filtration performance and remarkable longevity with the Tri-X filter. Upgrade your spa's filtration system today and enjoy clean, refreshing water for years to come.


Filtration Sq Ft: 65
Outer Diameter: 6″
Length: 10-1/2″
Top: Open 1-15/16″
Bottom: Open 1-15/16″
Pleat Count: TRI-X
Media Weight: Ceramic

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