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GLB Supersonic 73% Cal Hypo Granular Chlorine Shock, 1 lb Bag, 24/Case | 71442A

GLB Supersonic 73% Cal Hypo Granular Chlorine Shock, 1 lb Bag, 24/Case | 71442A

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SuperSonic sanitizes, clarifies, fights algae and won’t overstabilize pool water. It’s safe for use on all pool surfaces and leaves no residue.


Shock Treatment:

Every 7 days, or as necessary to prevent pool problems, shock treat/super chlorinate the pool by adding 9 to 18 ounces of this product per 10,000 gallons of water to provide 5 to 10 ppm available chlorine. Additional shock treatments may be required to correct problems which are caused by visible algae, high bathing loads, heavy wind and rainstorms. Additional shock treatments may also be required to correct problems such as unpleasant odors and eye irritation. Check the available chlorine with a suitable test kit.

Algae Control:

Follow "SHOCK TREATMENT" directions on this label. Add this product as close as possible to any algae on the sides or bottom of the pool. If necessary, repeat the treatment. To prevent possible staining or bleaching, take the following steps immediately after treatment: Thoroughly clean pool by brushing surface of algae growth, vacuum and cycle through filter. For preventative algae control, use your preferred algaecide product regularly. Follow label directions on the algaecide.


9 - 18 oz per 10,000 gallons of water every week.


Calcium Hypochlorite: 73%, Other Ingredients: 27%, Available Chlorine: 70%

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