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SR Smith Fiber Optic Illuminator | 6004

SR Smith Fiber Optic Illuminator | 6004

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The 6004/6004-as is a good solution for existing fiber optic installations when the fiber remains in good condition. It easily installs on existing fiberstars 6000 series illuminator bases. This is also a great solution for those installations which do not lend themselves well to a fiber to led conversion, such as when a pool has perimeter fiber around the coping.while the 6004 can be a good option, some pool owners would like to update their fiber system with led illumination. In this case s.r.smith fiber to led conversion kits is a straightforward and cost effective solution. These units are available with several different light combinations, along with a powertower transformer that will mount directly on the fiberstars 6004 or 2004 illuminator base, there by eliminating extra complicated wiring.
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